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Meisen Clinic

Tonoko Hoggard - Advanced Massage and Shiatsu Therapist

Meisen Clinic is based in London, Moorgate and specialises in advanced massage, shiatsu and Sports Massage. Let us help you improve your well-being and musculoskeletal conditions such as pain, tightness, restricted movement and posture. Whether your conditions are caused by injury, bad posture, surgery, daily activities, sports or chronic ailments, we are there to help you with our highly skilled soft tissue techniques. Our treatments are particularly effective in:

- Relieving discomfort and tightness from your soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and fascia
- Improving the range of movement of your joints and reducing stiffness
- Improving the circulation of blood and lymph
- Restoring the balance of your autonomic nervous system
- Relaxing your body, mind and soul
- Boosting your immune system
- Improving your general well-being

Treatments include:

Deep Tissue


Combined with myofascial release, this effectively releases fascial and muscular tension and relaxes your body and mind.

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Sports Massage


This facilitates recovery from exercise or injury, conditions your muscles and helps improve postural imbalance and range of movement. Can be combined with Deep Tissue Massage.

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A traditional Japanese therapy effective for both musculoskeletal issues and balancing whole body systems. Gentle pressure is applied on to the “tsubo”(shiatsu points) of your body. Calming and relaxing.

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"Tonoko is undoubtedly the best therapist I have ever come across. After identifying and correcting tightness in many areas of my body, even after only a couple of sessions I benefited from a massive improvement in both flexibility and power across all major muscle areas. She has fantastic knowledge, experience and skills to help improve one's physical well-being."

Derek, Banker and Footballer

  • Clinic Hours: Monday 2:15pm-8:15 pm
  • Clinic Address: Light Centre Moorgate
    114 London Wall
    London EC2M 5QA